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Biometric trends to keep an eye on in 2022
26 Nov 2021

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have become common. One data breach or cyber-attack can risk the information of millions of people.

In May 2021, the total number of data breaches and cyber-attacks has locked at 116-million records.

About 52% of data breaches have been accounted for by weak passwords and human errors. So, it is clear now that traditional user authentication methods have to be replaced by the latest biometric technology as per Fido standards.

Biometric and 2 factor authentication have become increasingly popular over years particularly with the advent of 2-factor authentication. Even more, the number of organizations implementing two factor authentication (2FA) is rising.

Initially, biometric data was restricted to fingerprints only. However, now it has spanned everything from facial recognition to personal voice identification and a lot more.

What are the latest security standards for enhanced protection?

Here are some latest security standards you must know:

Multi-factor authentication

More and more companies continue to roll out the measures of multi-factor authentication. As per reports, the market size of MFA is expected to grow by USD 23.6 billion by 2026.

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication technology type that requires presenting two or more identity verification factors. More and more organizations are now establishing the systems of providing multiple sources to prove identity. This is meant to ensure protection against security threats.

Biometrics authentication

Biometrics authentication is a process of identifying and authenticating a person based on verifiable and recognizable data. Biometric authentication compresses data for the characteristics of a person to the biometric templates for finding resemblance.

Biometric solutions are being implemented for enhanced protection and to avoid fraudulent and identity theft activities. Of course, the increased acceptance of the public is leading to massive accuracy and making it easier for businesses to install biometric authentication solutions.

Fido keys authentication

Fido keys authentication is a technical specification for identity authentication of online users. FIDO keys are commonly used in the scenarios such as multi-factor login and biometric identification to allow users to use a fido key or biological features to log into a system.

Biometric trends in 2022: what do you need to know?

Biometric recognition is something that has been evolving constantly. Therefore, biometric trends are also changing over time. However, here we have some important biometric trends enlisted below that may rule in 2022.

So, let’s have a look at these below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

Here we go:

Cloud-based biometric authentication

Due to a shift from device-based systems to cloud-based solutions, the trend of cloud-based biometric authentication is also emerging. However, it is mainly linked to the technologies of mobile biometric. In this trend, the biometric recognition data is saved on the cloud instead of on the device. Cloud-based biometric authentication trends can ensure parallel processing and will allow users to have access to the shared adjustable resources as well.

Behavioral biometrics

This biometric trend includes cognitive behaviors such as keystroke dynamics, voice recognition, gait analysis, etc. At present this biometric trend is in the early stages. However, it is necessary to use another biometric modal for initial authentication. Therefore, the effectiveness and reliability of behavioral biometrics are inferior to other biometrics.

Multi-modal authentication

With technology advancements, biometric systems are becoming sophisticated increasingly. However, multimodal authentication is meant to add an extra degree of security. It can ensure better accuracy when identifying individuals. Even more, multimodal authentication is also increasing in popularity due to the increased threshold recognition solutions it offers.

The future of biometric and two factor authentication

Even though various biometric recognition technologies have been used for user authentication. However, some are still under testing. Experiments are underway with almost every possible trait from implementing chips under the skin to monitoring heart rate. The future trends of biometric recognition lie in its simplicity more likely.

Even more, plastic cards are going to recede within a few years. However, biometric scans will become a normal daily operation. In short, improvement in these modern authentication methods is the best way to ensure a high level of protection.

Most importantly, biometric recognition technologies have been improving quickly. So, it is becoming hard for professionals to predict how it will look like in the coming years. However, one thing is quite sure that passwords that were difficult for people to remember, change or use are going to be a past. Biometric recognition will become an essential part of online protection along with two factor authentication.

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