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EU Commission taking action to enhance cybersecurity of wireless products
03 Nov 2021

As wireless devices have become an essential part of consumers’ lives. Therefore, the commission has now adopted an amendment to toughen the requirements of cybersecurity for wireless devices. The European Commission has recently ordered an update to the Directive of Radio Equipment to introduce new security guidelines for the wireless and radio being sold in the EU market.

These guidelines that are scheduled currently will enter into effect by 2024

EU commission’s recent statement in regards to toughen cybersecurity requirements for wireless devices

In late October 2021, EU commission has taken action for the improvement of wireless devices’ cybersecurity that is available in European markets. These include fitness trackers, smartwatches, mobile phones, wireless toys, and other things that are available at present. It is mainly because the increasing cyber threats are imposing a growing security risk for every user, according to the statement of the EU commission.

Well, this delegated act, is basically a bureaucratic mechanism used by the commission to tell EU bodies for updation of legislation. According to this, the manufacturers have to list three latest security measures in the design and production of their wireless and radio equipment in order to be permitted to sell their products in the EU market.  

The purpose of this delegated act

Furthermore, the amendments are aimed to ensure that all the wireless devices are completely safe before these are being sold on the European Union market.

  1. While this can be achieved by introducing the latest legal requirements for wireless device manufacturers, and security safeguards that they must take into account at different stages of design and production.
  2. The EU commission also noticed that the new legal requirements are going to help in increasing the protection of the privacy and personal data of citizens.
  3. Additionally, this will also lead to a reduced risk of financial frauds and ensure better resilience of wireless and communication networks in the best possible way.
  4. This is the major reason why manufacturers now have to take essential steps for preventing internet services’ disruptions and limiting unauthorized access to personal data on wireless devices.
  5. At the same time, it is also important to bring stronger user authentication to reduce the risk of fraud in regard to electronic payments.

Overall, the commission is taking all these actions for enhanced cybersecurity of radio and wireless products. So that improving the protection of consumers’ privacy and reducing fraudulent activities online can become possible in the best possible way.


Overall, the new rules of the EU to toughen cybersecurity requirements for wireless devices will come into force by 2024, if the European Parliament and the Council are not going to raise any objections. Both the bodies are able to make any objections within the duration of two months only since the publication date. However, once the commission is approved, that radio and wireless equipment manufacturers will have the time of about 30 months to bring their new products in line with the latest legal requirements. Fortunately, the European Union will provide assistance to the manufacturers of wireless and radio equipment in this regard.

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