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The importance of website backup. Files, source code and database backup
16 Jun 2021

You can do multiple things to keep your business site protected, ranging from creating a strong password to choosing the best website hosting service. However, still, you have a risk of losing your website due to any small mistake. Therefore, having a website backup, including website files, database, and source code, is the most important step to secure your site.

Having a regular website backup can help you in multiple ways. It can let you get your site data back if you have:

·         Lost your important data

·         Encountered a cybersecurity attack

·         Deleted your database records accidentally or anything else.

Reasons to have a regular website backup.

Even though there are multiple reasons to understand the importance of website backup. However, here we have enlisted some of the most important and convincing reasons for you to know in this regard.

So, here we go:

Guard your website against human error

We all make mistakes. Sometimes a small human error can put you in a difficult situation. For example, accidental deletion of your website database will let you lose important records easily. However, website backup can be the handiest option to guard your site against human error more effectively.

Avoid encountering any problem during a website update

Updates are essential to keep your site work smoothly. However, any problem that occurred during the site update can lead you to any serious loss. Therefore, besides using the best practices for a website update, you must keep your site backup in place. So, you can easily get your site access back if any problem occurs there accidentally.

Protection against hacking

Most of the Content Management Systems that are live on the internet at present are open-source. Therefore, these are vulnerable to get attacked by hackers. Even though you can ensure your website security using multiple security measures. However, having a site backup can save you from unwanted situations. As you can restore your site to prevent loss as a result of any hacking attack.

Prevent data loss more effectively.

Whether you are managing your business site or owning a blog site with multiple blogs on it, losing your data due to any reason is the worst nightmare to have. Fortunately, having your website's backup regularly can save you from this in the best possible way.

The primary reason to ensure regular site backup is to prevent data loss more effectively. It is because having a backup can let you restore your important data within no time and will save you from any bigger loss easily.

Handle compatibility problems easily.

If you are using any CMS to manage your site's content, then you must rely on a lot of add-ons, including plugins and themes, etc. Even though such types of tools are amazingly handy to add more functionality to your website. However, when you install an add-on, you might introduce your system to an element that doesn't play nicely with your existing website's environment.

In such kind of situation, you can easily handle your compatibility problems through site backup. It is because, with website backup, you can revert to the previous backup to get your site's normal version back.

Final Remarks:

These are enough reasons for you to consider website backup to secure your site's source code, files, and databases in the best possible way.

Protectumus offers the option to backup and restore files and databases. In order to create a backup you need to go to the My account page, and click on your website's "Console" page. At this moment we don't store backups, that's why you can backup to: custom FTP/SFTP, Amazons S3, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Database backups can be created for MySql, MariaDb and Percona databases. We'll integrate PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elastic search and more in the future.
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