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Top cyber security threats in 2022
20 Jan 2022

As more and more people now have opted for remote working, therefore, cybersecurity has become more important than ever before. Most importantly, 2021 has seen different types and an increasing number of cybersecurity threats along with challenges to ensure a remote workforce for organizations. Therefore, it has been more challenging for organizations to ensure data protection as well as uptime of their services in the best possible way.

Top security threats to know in 2022

According to Tony Anscombe; ESET Chief Cyber Threat Officer, you must look out for various cyber security threats in 2022. However, to know more about the top cyber security threats in 2022, here we have enlisted some of the most important ones to consider. Knowing about these will surely let you have a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

Geo-targeted phishing threats

Well, phishing security threats are one of the most pervasive security attacks to the IoT sector at present. It is because many are still falling victim to this type of cyber security attack.

Most importantly, financial services provider is the most common industry facing increasing cyber security threats.

Well, cybercriminals have been advancing their methods to attack, therefore, malicious URLs and phishing emails are still prevalent on the web. Most importantly, these have become more localized, personalized, and geo-targeted over time.

You must understand that about 60,000 phishing websites have been seen by 2021 alone. So, you can clearly see the potential of this cyber security threat for 2022. As a result, getting prepared to deal with these geo-targeted phishing attacks has become a necessity.

Ransomware threats are growing faster

Ransomware attacks are going to be one of the fastest-growing security threats for organizations. This is a type of security threat that will attack the personal data of the user or block their access until you pay some ransom.

  • According to a report by PwC, more than 60% of overall technology executives are expecting the number of ransomware incidents is going to increase in 2022.
  • Moreover, as per FinCEN of the US Treasury, about $600 million was paid by ransomware victims in the 6 months duration of 2021 only.

As hackers are making more money with ransomware attacks, therefore the chances of this security threat are growing. To keep your organization protected against ransomware attacks, it is highly important to take security measures accordingly.

Log4j has also made headline

Log4j vulnerability is the recent cyber security threat that has made a headline recently to wreak havoc on the tech industry and internet. This is basically a security flaw that can impact a logging software piece that is meant to allow developers to understand how a particular program functions.

However, the problem with Log4j is that it allows cyber attackers to take the control of networks and computers of the organization running that software. Cyber attackers can take that control by exploiting this vulnerability.

In short, to overcome all these security threats effectively, a new cyber security approach has become a must-consider for organizations of all types and sizes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the landscape of security threats has been evolving over the years and expanding at a pace. You must understand the fact that these expanding cyber security threats will keep putting your organization at risk if you are not going to take appropriate steps to prevent these.

 To keep your organizations well protected against common cyber security threats in 2022, knowing the top security threats is important. It is because this will let you have better plans accordingly to ensure higher organization security against these threats in the best possible way.

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