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Website Security Checklist for 2022
05 Dec 2021

This is the era of the internet and technology and having a website has become so important for everyone. Every business from size to large ones is looking to have their websites because a website comes along with several benefits for a business. While there could be several business benefits with the help of a website, the issues can be even larger.


While starting with your website is easy, maintaining the best of security for it might not be that easy. So, here is our website security checklist for 2022 that will make your website secure regardless of its size and functionality.

How can you make your website more secure in 2022?

While some of these are simple protection against different types of attacks, some will be bringing more security to your website in different ways. Here is all about each of those ways.

Installing SSL security certificates

Everyone these days is careful about their safety and people like to see a lock symbol or HTTPS written in the link they are opening. What you need to do here is to install the SSL certificate that will provide you and your visitors with all the necessary protection they need.

Backup everything

Attacks can happen despite whatever you do. Similarly, crashes can happen. So, the best practice to keep things secure is to create a backup of everything including your website and all of its content.

Prevent spam

If you have any type of content on your website and you get spam comments on that, it will be very disgusting. These are usually done by fake users or robots. So, instead of dealing with these, you need to plan a way to restrict them. In this way, your website will become a better place

Protect against DDoS attacks

This type of attack can get the website down within a few seconds because of the heavy load on the server. By getting services of a reliable services provider, you can be pretty much sure that this is never going to happen with you because they come with the following features:

·         Pen testing

·         Load balancing

·         Network monitoring.

Only use a reliable form of online payments.

There can be several payment service providers that you can use. However, when you are selecting to go with digital payment methods make sure that you are going with a reliable service provider. In this way, you and your customers will both stay secure.

Prevent the brute force attacks

These attacks are used for gathering and using login credentials most of the time. While there is not a lot that you can do, you can track the IP addresses of the attackers and then use special protection tactics against them.

Protect from XSS cross-site scripting

This type of attack can damage your website by inserting some bad code in your script forcefully. It can put your and your customers’ computers at risk. Getting protection services against such attacks from services like AWS can be the right shielding that you need.

Protect against SQL injection

Hackers can get into your database with the help of inserting SQL code that can provide them with sensitive information and data. While you cannot do a lot in this case, getting AWS shield services can be your right choice.

Following ISO 27018 compliance

With this compliance, the data present on the cloud technology is pretty much safe for everyone to use and the information is safe from the bad people of the system as well.

Using HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is the best way to increase the website security for your website as it comes with the following benefits:

·         Better speed

·         Multiple TCP connections

·         Automated security service

·         Nonorganic boost in SEO and a lot more

With all of these benefits, it surely is the best choice to enhance your website security.

Password protection keeps everything secure.

The last thing you need to do is to use password protection. It can always add a thick layer of protection. So, in this way, your files, folders, and data will always stay one step safer than before.


Everyone with a business mindset has a website these days. While some choose to go with e-commerce websites, some create simple blogs for affiliate marketing, and some go for other types. While the content and focus might be different, the security needs for each of them are pretty much the same. So, you can ensure the security of your website by checking this checklist for your website.

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