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What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?
01 Feb 2022

Every business has access to some tools and software that different employees need to get the job done. However, every employee will not need every tool and software. So, the person who needs something must be able to access it.

However, if employees have to log in individually every time, they need to use software that will harshly affect their productivity. This is where Identity and Access Management comes into play.

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management ensures that only the person who has the access/ permission to use a tool or software gets to use it to do their job role for the organization. Moreover, this makes things productive and efficient by letting employees only log into their Identity and Access Management IDs.

In this way, there will be no need to log in again and again on every different software and tool to access it. Identity and Access Management is also valuable for organizations because it helps in better management of identities for the following things: hardware, software, people, IoT devices, and more.

Is Identity and Access Management important?

Every business uses some tools and software these days to meet its requirements. While most of them are paid, it is not only those things that keep enterprises, unnecessary people, from using them. Instead, there are security and productivity reasons why these tools and software must only be accessed by the individuals who have authentication to use them.

In this case, Identity and Access Management are very important because of the following reasons:

·         There is no room for error-prone or manual assignment of privileges and IAM makes everything automated and secure

·         IAM allows using different latest tech features like Biometrics

·         IAM has a dynamic backend environment making sure that every transition is monitored

With these and several other features provided by Identity and Access Management, it is very important for any business.

Amazing benefits of Identity and Access Management.

Identity and Access Management comes with amazing features for any enterprise and using those features and functionalities in the right way brings several benefits. A few of the benefits that you can get from Identity and Access Management are elaborated below:

Proper authentication

The first and the most important benefit of Identity and Access Management is that it provides proper authentication services. In this way, an employee cannot use some tool or software using someone else’s credentials. So, everything is properly authenticated and authorized here.

Fewer chances of the data breach

With full control over every user and their access, the chances of internal as well as external data breaches are reduced by a significant factor.


One of the biggest benefits of Identity and Access Management systems is automation where everything is automatically done. So, the efficiency and productivity of employees of an organization at different levels increase because there is no need to manually deal with things.

Convenience to implement policies

While there are options available to implement custom policies, using them is not as easy as it should be. IAM makes things extremely easy when it comes to enforcing the policies for any sort of authentication and validation.

Different types of Authentications Identity and Access Management depends on

You might be thinking about how Identity and Access Management systems work and what type of authentication services are available. So, below is the list of the different types of authentication IAM systems provide:

·         Unique password

·         PSK (Pre-Shared Key)

·         Behavioral Authentication

·         Biometrics

With all of these types of digital authentication, authorizing becomes very easy and quick for employees. Moreover, some of these use a combination of hardware and software like biometrics. This makes things even more secure on several different levels.

Final Verdict

Identity and Access Management or IAM has become so important for enterprises where a data breach is a huge risk. Moreover, to meet the laws and regulations for contracts it is important to implement the right techniques and tools for the protection of digital assets.

The amazing features and functionalities that IAM systems use to identify whether it is the right person or not make things a lot better than the traditional authentication solutions. So, any business, enterprise, or organization that needs better digital performance and security must go for Identity and Access Management.

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