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Why checking for application open ports is good for security?
06 Jan 2022

Open ports are ideal for allowing the services and other applications to run smoothly and perform their functions without interference. The main function of an open port is that they provide the basis for good communication. Without the use of ports, communication can be not much smooth and might be disrupted. 

There can be unusual times when several ports can be left open without knowing the real cause. Sometimes it can be due to the neglect of an employee or it can be due to a firewall configuration that can leave some ports open as well.

There are risks and some security issues with such cases that people are unaware of, therefore, today we will talk more about why checking for application open ports is good for security.

What do open ports mean?

Before we dive deep into the details of open ports it is preferred to understand what they are. Port is the main point where all the communication levels initiate and end at. The main work for the port is to look out for a specific type of method for a particular goal. 

In simpler words, ports are responsible for allowing the devices to assist what to do with the certain type or form of data and information that is received by over a firm type of similar connection. Ports are a very important and useful part of the internet’s communication model. 

Additionally, if we talk about open ports then it mainly includes, TCP or UDP ports. It can be termed as an arrangement that is known to serve as the main basis of communication over the internet. Furthermore, ports might be open or closed depending upon a specific user’s firewall configuration. 

Why open ports are considered to be dangerous?

Well, the danger does not reside itself in ports being opened however, the danger is mostly to the applications and other services adhered to these particular ports. Several factors can count as a danger zone for the open ports. 

Some of the reasons why open ports are known to invite danger are mentioned below.

·         Increases the risk of data breaching 

The main danger that is associated with the open ports is that it increases the chances of any sensitive data being breached and unlawfully accessed by hackers. An open port can give many hackers the advantage of getting into your files or a company’s file and can hurt the reputation in the wrong ways. 

  • Increases the risk of hacking 

An open port itself is not a danger however, there is a certain application that might be protected by weak passwords and credentials. Therefore, in such cases, the hackers or cyber attackers may take the opportunity and can try to access the files and data in weakly protected applications.

  • Hackers can use open ports as hacking vectors

In more usual cases open ports are the vectors through which hackers can implant an initial attack. The listening ports on a certain locality network can be in use for cross movements. Hence, it is preferred to close ports or the least you could do is to limit the access of open ports to a specific local network. You can also secure the applications to be easily accessed by the far-off workers by the use of a secure VPN or private network.

How open ports can be secured?

There are plenty of ways by which you can secure open ports. Some of the ideal ways to secure open ports are mentioned below.

  • Use a private network 

A private network like VPN can be used for accessing the applications to reduce the chances of hacking and cyber-attacks. 

  • Use of multi-factor verification 

If for instance an open port is breached the use of multi-factor authentication will prevent the attackers from the hacking data or leaking passwords due to additional security questions and specific codes.

  • Close the high-risk ports

Meanwhile, the open ports can be important and beneficial but for security issues, it is better to close those ports which are quite on the verge of getting hacked. It can be implemented by closing those ports that have sensitive information as well.


If you are in search of why checking for application open port is good for security then make sure to read every point of the mentioned details.

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