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Free Security Headers Scanner
28 May 2022     Free Security Tools
Starting with 2021, we created a dedicated Free Security Headers Scanner page, dedicated for business owners, developers and development companies, where they can verify their security headers.

What are security headers?

The security headers by the name can explain that are the commands the web applications to configure security measures in the web browsers. The security headers can prevent many client websites from getting hacked or cyberattacked by online hackers.

Examples of Security Headers

1. X-Frame-Options

This header prevents your site from being framed (or embedded into) another website. This can help prevent clickjacking attacks where users are tricked into clicking links that take them to malicious websites.

2. Content Security Policy

The content security policy allows us to specify what resources we want to allow our visitors to load onto their own servers. We use this feature to block scripts and other potentially dangerous code from loading on third party sites.

3. Referrer Policy

The referrer policy allows us to specify whether or not we want to allow our users to leave our site via links they have clicked elsewhere.

You can find the Free Security Scanner page here:
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